Widow Wisdom: What is Something You Used to Enjoy as a Teen That You Can Still do Today

We asked our widow sisters to share their wisdom by answering this question; What is something you used to enjoy as a teen that you can still do today?
• In January 2018, while my late husband was deep in medical crisis, I created a vision board of all the activities that I used to do prior to marriage. I put it away, didn’t look at it again until January 2020. I was delighted to discover every single item was back in my life. I schedule a daily goal to do at least one of those activities for 15 minutes. – Wister on Instagram
• Pottery and painting – Wister on Instagram
• Music shows! I used to go to a lot of recitals– Wister on Instagram
• Riding my bike! Bikes have improved a lot since I was a teen, and so have my abilities. – Wister on Instagram
• This is really hard to answer since I worked and played sports through high school. Now, I work and watch my daughter in HS play sports. I do have a bucket list of items I’d love to complete, but doing them alone just doesn’t have the same appeal. I know I could ask my daughter or a family member to participate, and they would, for the most part, but it’s not the same. – Crystal• Spending time with myself! I laid on the beach last weekend from 10 to 3 (had an umbrella, of course) and loved every minute of it! – Debbie
• That’s what I’m struggling with… my husband and I were best friends in high school, I don’t have a me from before him to look back on. I’m building everything from the ground up – all-new, and it’s hard. – Marian
• I still love to dance. It’s great exercise. The dance floor is my happy place. – Shelly
• I am reading way more. I was always all about books!- Kerri
• Just bought a horse yesterday. Feel more like myself than I have in years. – Heidi

• Crocheting, love to create something memorable for people, especially little ones in my life. Did it before I was married & continue doing it today. – Pat
• I had no idea who I was after he died. And one day I thought….who was I before him? I discovered three things that I had loved before him, and I started doing them again. We do need to remember that we are individuals too. – Paula
• Attending concerts, love music, going to plays. – Marcia
• I’ve always love to cook and bake. Baking goodies and sharing them with others makes me happy. It’s one of my love languages. – Charee
• Read, play with makeup, theater (doing a virtual monologue showcase next week). – Rebecca