Widow Wisdom: What motivates you to keep going and keep growing?

We asked our widow sisters to share  their wisdom by answering this question; What motivates you to keep going and keep growing?

Here are some of their answers:

  • At first it was my children. Now that they are grown, I realize I should have made my own plans for living. Feels like I spent all those years trying to keep my head above water for them. Now, it’s time to keep going for myself. To really live. – Lori


  • My kids!! Watching them thrive and grow!! – Wister on Instagram


  • My faith…without it I can’t imagine where I would be….and of course my children, and now grandchildren. My husband knew that our oldest and his wife were having a boy, but he passed 4 months before little Theo was born in July of last year. That little boy stole our hearts immediately and our youngest son and his wife welcomed a little boy to the family in March. What a joy! Those new precious grandsons keep this Nina going. – Katina


  • A greater purpose beyond myself motivates me. Making an impact in the lives of other women that are young widows like me. – Petra



  • My son, myself and late husband. He would’ve never wanted us to be sad so I’m determined to be successful and for his legacy to live on through our son. – Wister on Instagram


  • After 37 years and 10 years without my childhood sweetheart…I also met a widower. And I know my angel sent him in my life. In this pandemic lockdown we have each other to take care of!!! Our beloved spouses are always remembered and talked about I prayed so hard and feel blessed that my prayers were answered! – Regina


  • My promise to keep on living for him – Wister on Instagram


  • If I don’t – death wins and takes me, my now and my future with it. Pressing on reminds me that I’m stronger than I ever thought I was. I was left on Earth, so therefore, I want to be a better me tomorrow than I was today, and if I can help another person along the way – it’s even better. – Berkley



  • My desire to find me after being a caregiver for over 20 years. I have raised my family and now I need to take care of me. – Janine


  • First motivation is my Boys, can’t love them less. Main motivation is the desire to live an impactful and positive life no matter how long or short God wants me. Living each day as it comes and spreading love through Gods word and the journey of a complete widow. – Wister on Instagram


  • My children keep me going and now I have a grandchild. I realize life is short and I need to take care of myself. There are many milestones I am getting to enjoy, even though being a widow was not part of that plan, this is what it is.- Sheri


  • It’s been 3+ years since my husband died and now, I can finally look back at all I had to do without him and realize just how strong, adaptive, resilient and capable I am. While looking through lenses of grief, I didn’t see it. Only after I softened a bit, did I see and understand better. – Linda



  • The desire to honor my husband’s memory by carrying on his example of Christ’s love for others. I make myself go beyond my comfort zone to show love for others – something my husband did without even thinking, it just came naturally to him. He taught me so much about selfless love. – Jennifer


  • I feel like I need to live my life doubly for my husband too since he can’t. – Nanette



  • My son gives me reason to move forward, art and creativity gives me peace and purpose. – Marta