Widow Wisdom: What New Thing Did You Try After Becoming a Widow?

We asked our widow sisters to share their wisdom by answering this question; What new thing did you try after becoming a widow?

  • Wrote a book Got a tattoo Skydiving Coaching certificate to add to my business services. – Wister on Instagram
  • Taking out the trash, going back to school, and being 100 percent responsible for everything. – Wister on Instagram
  • My 1st big purchase was three kayaks after my husband passed. To provide a Family Healing activity for our two adult kids & myself. My very first time kayaking, we launched them in the Ocean. The peace and serenity was amazing! Funny to me, Fear was not an issue as the worst thing possible had already happened to me. I am so grateful to spend quality time with my Son & Daughter. We all find it very therapeutic, and we go kayaking often! – Gayle
  • I bought a car, took a trip with our son, bought a house and moved in, cheered at my son’s jr football, and then High School football and wrestling! I learned that trusting my gut is a good thing. The biggest would be parenting on my own. – Claudia

  • Putting air in my tires…. sounds like something so simple, but for me, I was so thrilled the first time I did it all by myself! – Debbie
  • I moved back to my home area, bought a townhouse on my own, took a couple of trips solo, went zip lining, and parasailing. – Robyn
  • Began getting manicures a few months after my hubby died. What a treat that I have continued to this day. – Shannon
  • I became a qualified lifeguard and took up surf boat rowing at the age of 50. – Sally
  • It helped give me a sense of power and control when I had absolutely none. It also helped me deal with my grief and allowed me to “run it out” so that I could feel better. I ran so much that I ran a full marathon on his four year anniversary in his honor. – Danielle
  • I started taking various art classes, which I hadn’t done since I was a kid. And I also lived alone for the first time. – Julie

  • Joined a gym, started yoga, joined a Bunco group, taught Sunday School, joined the choir and bell choir, and learned to live alone. – Pam
  • Planned a 1500 mile round trip up to Canada and back; sold three cars and emptied a huge storage shed crammed floor to rafters with car parts; turned the shed into a ‘She Shed.’ There were many mistakes made along the way with all these endeavors, but then, I am not perfect, so why should I expect that my choices turn out perfect. And truth be told, a lot of good was uncovered along the way. – Barbara
  • Fostering shelter animals… they need me, and I need them. – Cynthia
  • I took my first solo trip and drove his car across the southeast US, weathered a cat three hurricane, moved across country, sold a house, bought a house, tried running an art studio business, got a job teaching art full time, closed the art business, bought a car by myself, making plans for another solo car trip around Lake Michigan next year. – Linda
  • I got my first tattoo. It’s a Celtic cross just like the one on my husband’s gravestone. I committed myself to training for my first marathon despite the naysayers. I went on to run two more before having major spine surgery. I refinanced our home and did some major remodeling. I went on two trips to Louisiana by myself. I also made a lot of mistakes along the way that I’m not proud of. I’m a survivor. – Mary