Widow Wisdom: Who has been your rock during your journey of widowhood?

We asked our widow sisters to share their wisdom by answering this question; Who has been your rock during your journey of widowhood?

Here are some of their answers:

  • I have been my own rock…it’s been a journey of Becoming! I have friends that have always supported my choices and some that didn’t! I have done my best are my kids to inspire them to live and learn…they have taught me so much too! I have been unconditionally loved by my family! My mother-in-law has been a superior source of love and empathy, as she has walked this path also!! I have stood on the shoulders of widow groups and self-help books! It’s a process of becoming whole with myself! – Jane


  • My 3-coworker sister friends!!- Wister on Instagram
  • I know it can sound cliche but honestly, Jesus is the only rock that stays solid. Through the last 345 days, he and I have gotten a lot of time together.- Kelsy


  • My twin sister has been my biggest support and advocate. And it’s so funny that before my husband’s accident, he was the one instrumental in connecting my sister to our neighbor who was moving so just 2 weeks before he passed my sister moved 2 doors down from me. We used to live 12hrs away from each other. I felt like God knew I was going to need her! – Wister on Instagram


  • My mother in law! I was blessed with the best mother in law ever. We really supported each other at the time and still do. – Valerie


  • My oldest son and some of my classmates. They have been awesome. – Laura


  • My best friend Dawn. She has stood by me, held my hand while I cried, and listened while vented. – Tanya
  • My daughter Jennifer. My younger daughter is supportive as much as possible, but always an open ear. Son Tom is my ‘man around the house’. Great support from all 3. – Wister on Instagram


  • Other widows who started their journey before me, my parents, and my kids. – Traci


  • My twin sister, we have always been best friends but I could not have survived without her. She and my son have kept alive and smiling and happy through my darkest days! – Ellen


  • Jesus and my Momma- Wister on Instagram



  • My Dad was and my best friend. Sadly, I lost both of them and I feel really lost. You don’t find rocks just anywhere. – Lori


  • My best friend who let me cry, rage and talk any hour of the day or night. She listened without judgment. She was my rock. – Deborah
  • My Mum. I honestly don’t know where I would be now without her! She lost her husband (my Dad) just 2 years prior to me losing mine, so I guess we were each other’s rocks….. knew what to say and how we were thinking. I am so grateful for my Mum. – Rachel


  • My rock has been my faith. Faith and prayers for strength has carried me and my boys through our grief and life’s challenges. – Wister on Instagram