Widowed During The Pandemic?

Our Modern Widows Club community is here for you. We are in the midst of unprecedented and unpredictable times and understand how challenging becoming a widow is let alone during this time. We are here to show you there is hope. Healing is possible. It’s important to note that MWC isn’t a grief support organization. Our organization provides skills, knowledge and expertise to move through grief into what most certainly can be a life filled with smiles and joy even if that seems unimaginable today.

We are inclusive of anyone who has lost a spouse and considers themselves a widow. We are not religiously or politically affiliated. We have taken nearly a decade of mentoring women like yourself and created a wealth of knowledge and tools to allow you to grow in the seven pillars we’ve identified necessary for becoming a healthy widow. Each month we focus on a topic related to one of these pillars.

We want you to know we understand how scary the term ‘widow’ may be. We encourage you to learn about brain fog and consider utilizing some of the free resources we offer such as listening to Healthy Widow Healthy Woman podcasts, watch our You Tube channel, read our newsletters or simply follow us on Facebook or Instagram. When you’re ready, community or virtual chapter meetings are available.

Click here to become part of our international community of thousands of widows. We call ourselves Wisters. It’s a mixture of widow and sister and we’ve even trademarked it. This wasn’t the tribe you wanted to be eligible to join but we are here to provide the support only other widows know how to provide.

Wisterly love,
Carolyn, Cindy, Gina, Lyn and Chapter Leaders Worldwide