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We inspire widows to live a joyful life by being a friend, mentor & advocating in their favor.


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OUR FOUNDER A widow and mentor

Carolyn Moor was inspired by her own mentors to found MWC, a bridge from traditional grief support to the unchartered new world that is created after loss.

girls_videosplashLet's face it, maneuvering thru this widowed journey is REAL. You need a mentor and so did Carolyn Moor. Once she found one, it felt as if she was guided through this widowed wilderness by an angel. Remarkable things started to happen. God's grace showed up. She discovered the 'invisible crown' she was wearing. Every tribulation is a shiny jewel. She never forgot her mentors kindness. She became a mentor herself by answering the call of her own heart to reach back, show up and be present in another widows life. Simple, humble and honest. One woman at a time, the tribe grew and is now a movement of inspiration and support to widows around the globe. A super survivor, grounded in hope and a strong example of how the human spirit can overcome trauma and bounce forward.

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We don't mean to be cliché here, but it takes a village. Not any ordinary village mind you, but a tribe of extraordinary widow mentors who are a few steps ahead of this collective experience. Are you willing to reach back to others in your circle of life experience? Your community is waiting for you to create your own MWC chapter. If you build it, they will come! With 13 million widows in the U.S. and 4 million of those under 65 (according to 2014 U.S. Census Bureau), we have already seen this happen. We are the students and simultaneously, the teachers in society to bring awareness to the widow experience. Let's do this together with love, unity and grace. If you've read this far, you might be ready. The rewards will leave you feeling like you've found your sweet spot. Nothing brings joy more than giving back your wisdom.
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MWC BLOG Recent Articles

A Widow’s Unexpected Independence Day

July 5, 2014 Joy Kirsch Legal & Financial

A widow does not plan to lead an independent life. She doesn’t plan to lose her spouse; she plans to live happily ever after, forever. So when the unexpected happens, how is she going to learn to live independently, especially while grieving? The death of a spouse diminishes a person’s ability to think clearly. Widows, according to experts, lose as much as 20 percent of their brain power when they are grieving. As a result, widows experience “widow…   Read more  

Which Health Insurance Choice is Best for a #Widow?

June 20, 2014 Joy Kirsch Legal & Financial

With all the news about Obamacare, you may be wondering how to best provide your family with health insurance now that you’ve lost your spouse. If you were covered under your spouse’s health insurance at work and the company had 20 or more employees, you are eligible for continuation of similar coverage for 36 months under COBRA. Smaller companies typically provide some sort of extension of benefits as well.  The problem is that you may now be responsible…   Read more  

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We believe in giving back. Through partnering with Wagoma Orphans and Widows Centre, we help build homes for those in need.

This loss and grief center cares for orphans and widows, at the Lakeshore village of Wagoma in Kenya. This center cares for 166 orphans in the village and 60 widows and continues to re-build lives and save the perishing lakeshore village. You can make a difference.
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